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Paul Ryan For 2016-2020 President

Get to know Ryan

Paul Ryan is a self made millionaire and a smart investor. He is a chairman of the budget committee, he is a Republican and former vice president candidate who was with Mitt Romney. He is a caring husband and father of 3.

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I want You

Paul Ryan wants to help everyone. He is going for the working class and the upper class. He is here to help everyone so they can soon support themselves. He has something for all ages. He has a dream for himself and for his nation and he will achieve it, one state one swing state at a time.

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His ways to communicate

Paul Ryan wants to let you know his plan. He wants to win the fair way.

Paul will send letters to everyone explain his plan as it goes on. He will be making a few TV appearances, he owns a Fake Book and he has a Facebook Page. When your stuck in traffic Paul Ryan billboards will light your way.

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His plans

Bring more jobs to America. Get America to get back to supporting themselves. Equalize taxes for all class.

Get people off government support, and supporting themselves.

And most of all Bring Hope and put us back on the track to Prosperity!

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