WHS Library Annual Report

School Year 2015-2016

Highlights of the library learning commons program at Westborough High School

Anita Cellucci, Library Teacher

Disciplines collaborated with during the 2015-2016 school year:

Academic Support, Computer Science, Digital Photography, English, Health and Wellness, History, Science

A short video of our day with author Laura Harrington

We had a full day with author Laura Harrington to celebrate her book Alice Bliss.

All students were able to hear Ms Harrington speak about her writing process, her reasons for writing the book and strategies for becoming better writers.

!0 students were chosen in a lottery to have lunch with Ms Harrington and all received signed copies of her book.

In the afternoon, over 80 students and teachers participated in a Writing Marathon!

Ms Harrington spoke at Tatnuck Booksellers in Westborough in the evening.

Professional consultations and collaborations with teachers...

Ms Cellucci worked with 58 classes and 23 teachers- many for multiple days to co-teach and assist with information literacy, digital literacy, reading, research and inquiry.

Collaborations with 23 teachers to identify resources, plan instruction and integrate technology in 7 subject areas.

WHS Libary awarded grants during the 2015-2016 school year.

MBLC LSTA - Mental Health: Breaking stigma and creating empathy

Westborough High School Library was recently awarded a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant for $5000 from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). “We’re excited about the innovative local library projects being developed with the help of these grants,” said Cindy Roach, Head of Library Advisory and Development at the MBLC. They benefit local residents and communities.”

The Thoreau Commons
Westborough Education Foundation Grant

Kathy Stoker, English Teacher
Anita Cellucci, Library Teacher

Research shows that outdoor spaces provide students with opportunities to improve physical health, social/emotional learning, as well as cognitive growth. The Thoreau Commons project will provide for an innovative outdoor classroom. It will provide the opportunity for active, experiential and sensory learning for a wide range of classes, environmental literacy and engagement with the arts.

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Books, Books, Books - what was checked out?

  • 282 Books borrowed through Interlibrary loan from Massachusetts libraries
  • 524 Fiction books were circulated
  • 60 Graphic Novels were checked out
  • 32 Professional books were loaned to teachers
  • A total of 11,019 books were circulated during the school year - that's a lot of scanning!

Who is going into the library anyway?

  1. A total of 22,511 students used the library
  2. There were 11,796 walk ins - to do a variety of things like: use the printer, get help from Mrs. Cellucci, study, listening lunches, or to check out a book.
  3. Classes served - 1,126

2015-2016 Annual Report - WHS Library

Anita Cellucci is the Library Teacher at Westborough High School, the Massachusetts School Library Association President and a finalist for the 2016 School Library Journal and Scholastic School Librarian of the Year.

Professional Development Resume 2015-2016