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What is Rohypnol?

Rohypnol, or most commonly known as roofies, is a drug prescribed for depression and more commonly, insomnia. This drug is not currently legal in the United States, however, is legal in 60 countries in the world. It can be swallowed, dissolved into a drink, or snorted. They are usually taken with alcohol or other drugs, and are sometimes taken to enhance a heroine high or to help come down or ease a cocaine high. Rohypnol looks like a white tablet, but has no taste or odor, making it easy for predators to spike drinks.

Rohypnol is the cause of about 57 million deaths a year.

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The adult pregnancy rate associated with rape is about 4.7% annually.

Short Term Effects on the Body

Rohypnol creates a sleepiness or drowsiness that lasts anywhere from 2-8 hours. During this time people usually undergo blackouts, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, and difficulty with moving and/or speaking. People lose almost all control of themselves.

Long Term Effects on the Body

Rohypnol can produce physical and psychological dependence. When mixed with alcohol, it can cause respiratory depression, aspiration, or even death. Even though this drug is classified as a depressant, it does nothing in the sense of inducing excitability or aggressive behavior.

Every year, roughly 1 million people are raped with the assistance of the date-rape drug.

Effect on Social and Family Life

Rohypnol, most commonly know as roofies, can take a huge toll on families and people's social life. Since the drug can make people forget completely, crazy incidents could happen. In past experiences, people have been forced into doing illegal things, raped, and in some cases killed. This drug is very dangerous, and can make people's mental state and physical state, take a turn for the worst. It is a drug that is abused by pedophiles and leads to nothing, but bad situations.