What is Phishing?

How to Prevent it

What exactly does phishing mean?

Phishing is the act of trying to take someones personal credit card info through false emails and pop ups. These notifications will usually look like they are from a popular company like PayPal but are really not. Phishing also states things like you are eligible to win 1,000,000 dollars or something that seems unrealistic. Links are attached most of the time to the "real" website or a link to download a software. By downloading the software or going onto the website, hackers can steal your important info and even use your credit card by using viruses and getting your accounts. In the rest of the article you will see ways to spot if its real or not.

Become an Expert at Identifying Phishing

Cybercrime Exposed: How to Spot a Phishing Scam

Never be Reeled in again

Although phishing may seem very hard to see, it is easy to avoid these instances. Examples are to never click links unless you've gone through the whole email and made sure it's safe. Check the security certificate to make sure it is okay to proceed. And never, ever put in your account info directly on an email.