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informationalizin y'all for glory of motherland


Welcome ,one and all, to the Vienna WU biweekly newsletter (which was supposed to be sent out last Monday but we (Tim) had to fight some bears and sorta broke his arm trying to grab a burrito and it's hard to type when the grip of the bourgeoisie on the proletariat is as strong as ever).

Anyways here's the newsletter (which is gonna be more like a preview of what you can expect from now on), enjoy.

s o w h a t a r e t h e n e w s l e t t e r s g o n n a b e a b o u t ?

pretty much anything. Its main purpose will be to inform you about events happening in the LC, various things that you should know about and to announce people/teams that will be worth rewarding. We will also try to mix things up by having a short article about just about anything (topics can range from easter traditions in different countries to random facts about potatoes, as Dante said "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate")

Message from the General Secretary

Dear LC Vienna WU,
Dear guest readers,
Dear friends,

Warm welcome to the first newsletter of Summer Semester 2016. I hope you enjoyed the Easter break and you are fully recharged and prepared for the new adventures which are knocking on the door. Spring is already here and you can hear it screaming: "Hey you, yes, exactly you, get out of your bed! Life is out there! Happening right there, right now! You don't want to miss it out, right?!" If you're also hearing this voice, don't worry, this newsletter is the right place to be. In order to not miss out, keep up with reading further and you will find out what cool opportunities are coming up in the next days. See you around!

Your happy-that-holidays-are-over LCP,

FA Updates

Usually this is where we would put the functional area updates but this time it would look more like EB updates because people were on vacation and stuff so the best I can do is a picture of corgi.
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Random article for people who have too much time on their hands

This is where we would usually have an article about random stuff (I was thinking of maybe doing something about cheese but then I remembered that the proletariat is still in chains and that brought my mood down again).
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Profile of random country

Since we're an international organization we thought we'd educationalize y'all on some countries you might've never heard about before.

Not today though cause I have to study lol

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Coming to a close

Ça suffit. We try to keep the newsletters fresh and interesting with new stuff every time (and don't take this sorry excuse for a newsletter as an example for the rest, wait for the real one coming in two weeks when we actually have stuff to write about). See you next time and have a good week.

Newsletter team AIESEC Vienna WU