How VANS shoes are manufactured

By: Steve DeMarco

What raw materials are used in the process? Where are Vans manufactured?

Vans are manufactured in Vietnam. Leather, cotton, and artificial plastic (latex) are used in making Vans shoes. Leather is made in China by skinning pigs, cows, or horses and making them into leather. Cotton is grown here in the U.S. The artificial plastic or latex is from Russia. Then the raw materials are sent to Vietnam and the Vans are made.

How do the Vans get to consumers?

After all of the raw materials are sent to Vietnam and after the Vans are made, they are shipped to Vans Inc. That is located in California, U.S. Then they are sent to Walmart, Malls, a Vans store, or anywhere else in the U.S. that you want to buy Vans from.

Vans Being Manufactured

Problems With The Four Categories of Globalization...

Technological, Economical, Environmental, Cultural


Technology in Globalization is a problem that's becoming more and more serious. To start off, cars running on burning gasoline pollutes the air a lot. Then you have things like most people being distracted by their smartphones. This makes people less likely to see what they're walking toward or what they're driving into. Dangerous situations can happen a lot more.


Economical Globalization is another huge issue. It divides the rich and the poor. This could be a problem because a lot of the money and profits people make the rich richer and the poor poorer. That's not right and should be fixed.


Environmental Globalization is affected very poorly. People contaminate the waters with their trash and they destroy animals homes during deforestation. It should be stopped but it's not that easy to do.


Cultural Globalization is important because it creates diversity all over the planet. But it does have its problems. Like some cultures won't accept certain products being brought into their country even if you need it. A culture might also only have rivers and water transportation to get around so they won't accept the new cars.

A Solution For The Problem with Tranportational Globalization

Instead of the pollution with gasoline fueled cars, people could switch to electric cars. This would stop pollution of gasoline being burned from the cars engine. The people should be able to switch to an electric car either once their cars lease is up or when their cars bills are due. It could solve a huge problem.

My Relations with Vans

I chose to find the backstory of Vans shoes because I really like the variety of shoes and sneakers they have. They play a big role in my life because they are one of my most warn pairs of shoes because they will basically match with anything.

By: Toby DeMarco