Save Brushy Creek Trail!

The popular Brushy Creek Trail is going to be demolished!!!

Brushy Creek's Destruction

Round Rock is growing, which means they have to start placing transmission lines around to help bring power to new homes. The problem with these lines are that they have to destory area around them in order to be safe.

Round Rock wants to place these lines near the Brushy Creek Trail, a popular sightseeing trail, but when the lines are placed, about 250 square miles of vegetation* around them is going to go away which means, the popular sightseeing trail is going to be demolished!!

To help present the height measurements, we can use grown men, who are about 6 feet tall.

A tower line is about 140 feet tall

In grown men, the tower would be about 23 grown men tall^.

We can use rulers, which are about 1 ft long, to show distance of the length of the trail and what is going to be destoryed.

The trail total is about 15 miles,

which means the trail is about 79,200 rulers long, or 79,200 feet*.

The length of the destroyed trail would be equal to about 13200 rulers total,

which is 13,200 feet^. (2.5 miles)

The path is 2.5 miles and each tower has to be at least 1,300 feet away from each other, which means 10 towers can be placed on the trail*

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Brushy Creek & Lake Creek Trail Tour


*2.5 x (x) =

x = 100 ft

2.5 x 100 ft = 250 square feet

^ x = Grown Men

140 / 6 = about 23

*15 x (x)

(x) = Feet to Miles 5280 ft = 1 mile

15 x 5280 = 79,200

^2.5 x (x)

x = 5280 ft = 1 mile

2.5 x 13,200

*2.5 x 5280 ft = 13,200

13,200 / x

x = 1,300

13,200 / 1,300 = About 10