News from Ms. Maher's Class!

Read all about everything going on in first grade! 9-27-13


Please refer to this weebly to find out information going on in our first grade classroom as well as our schedule, old newsletters, pictures and videos, as well as fun updates!

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"Making Choices" Color Chart!

I had some parents contacted me asking for what the colors mean on out color chart.

Purple: Role Model (highest possible color)

Blue: Outstanding (above normal)

Green: Ready to Learn (Following classroom expectations for conduct and learning)

Yellow: Think About It (Not making the best choices/frequent reminders)

Orange: Make Better Choices (Consistent reminders)

Red: Not First Grade Behavior and Parent Contact (Lowest Possible color)

Guided Reading

This week our first graders were introduced to our guided reading groups. I only met with each group once this week as a part of the introduction to Daily Five and guided reading. Next week I will be meeting with each group numerous times during the week.

What you can expect your children to bring home in their Zip-Lock Book Bags:

Books - A new one every time I meet with your children, or a choice book from their book box.

Reading Log- Write the title of the book that your child reads to you or with you. Simply write the title and sign!

I will be introducing the different names for the groups I am meeting with to the kids next week. I have decided to name my reading groups as follows:

Polka Dots




I chose patterns to differentiate between the colors we use on the "Making Choices" chart and to bridge the gap between the expansive reading levels we have in our class.

Take-Home Folders!

Please make sure you are checking your child's take-home folder each night and taking out the work that gets sent home on the "Stay at home" side.

Everyone has been doing a great job of returning homework each day as well as the clear folders for notes from the school!

Ms. Maher's Wish list!

Thank you to all the families who have graciously donated to our classroom. Your contributions are helping our learning each and every day!

Special Thanks to the Hickey's and the Susa's for their contributions this week!

Our current needs include:

Colored Sharpie Markers

Goldfish Crackers (For back-up snacks)

Graham Crackers (For back-up snacks)

Small prizes for our prize store

If you are able to help us at this time, please contact me at or through the contact form on our class Weebly!