Mrs. Theresa's Tigers

First Grade, Week of October 10th, 2016

This Week...

...we worked so hard in all areas! We had our first week of rotations and they went so well! In Mrs.Sharon's room, they did some math extensions, some games and focused on working on balancing equations. In science with Mrs.Taylor, they learned about what plants need and they learned some key science terms. In social studies with me, we worked on goods andsServices. Have your child share the goods and services poster that they worked on! We will continue to rotate next week and will work on more key concepts in each rotation.

We worked hard in math this week and introduced subtraction. Please continue to review all of the problem sets, exit tickets and math games that came home. We are continuing to work on good writing strategies and using punctuation when we write. We are also working on adding detail and writing more than one sentence.

The children are VERY well equipped for Talkers Club next week! Please open the Friday folder and pull out all of the nonfiction pumpkin assignments that we did. They have brought home a thinking map, a double bubble map on apples and pumpkins, a sequencing activity and a Time for Kids on pumpkins. We also watched two videos on the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Book orders are being submitted tomorrow, so please use the coupon I sent home to get a free book by only spending $10.

It was a fun week, we worked hard and we look forward to more fun next week!

See all the bullets below for other important announcements!

Have a great weekend!

Spelling starts next week!

This coming week will be our first week of RTI spelling homework. The spelling lists are made by your child's RTI teacher and the words follow the spelling patterns that are studied in class. Mrs.Sharon's spelling lists are always blue, Mrs.Taylor's lists are always green and my lists are always gold. RTI spelling lists go home in the homework bags and should be studied ALL week. The tests are IN RTI CLASSES on Thursday mornings. The RTI teacher will grade them, return them to me and I will send them home.

Spelling homework is also being added to the homework bags. Your child will come home on Monday with a "Spelling Notebook" and a spelling task card. Please complete THREE of the tasks on the task card and record them in the notebook. Put the date on each entry and I will check them each Friday for completion and accuracy. Spelling notebooks need to be returned each Friday WITH the homework bags. Spelling should add an additional 10 minutes to homework each night, but no more.

We look forward to a successful and fun year of RTI spelling! Please let me know if you have questions!

Parent Teacher Conferences

The season for parent conferences is upon us! I will email out my sign up sheet on Monday, 10/17. It is through Sign Up Genius, you will need to create a Sign Up Genius account if you do not have one already (only takes a few seconds). You can look at the slots available and sign up for a time that works best for you. I highly encourage both parents to attend the conference so that we can discuss your child, their report card and you can ask any questions.

Conferences are 20 minutes in length and are for adults only. Please leave all children at home during the conference. If you are stuck in a childcare bind, it is always great to "swap kids" with other parents on their conference days.

I look very forward to meeting with you!

Project Turkey Needs!

We are officially ready to begin Project Turkey!We will work on him on select Fridays in October and November.

MANY thanks to Colby's Dad. Mr. Brian, who has kindly offered to buy and cut the wood for us! That is a huge help!

We still need 4 more items for the project, please email me if you are able to bring these items to class. I would really appreciate the donations! The items we need for Project Turkey are :

-->60 medium Wooden Spools, these are available at Michaels or any fabric store. Please see me for an example!

-->Brown acrylic paint (one bottle)

-->Artificial fall colored leaf bundles, available at Michaels. See me if you need an example. We need several bundles, each Turkey needs about 4-5 leaves as their feathers.

-->Hole reinforcers, the white kinds that you use to protect binder papers that break.

You will not want to miss out on the chance to have Project Turkey at your home for the holidays!

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I had to leave this logo in for one more week to help me deal with my sadness over their loss! Thanks for having your kids support my team with orange, black and Giants clothing. They will be back in the Spring and so will our excitement!

Star Student..

We will not have a star student next week, on occasion we will have a "week off" when there is no one assigned to the week.

Here is a list of the activities for Star Student week :

Monday : Photo collage board and favorite items for our table

Tuesday : Favorite picture book for me to read to the class

Wednesday : No events due to minimum day

Thursday : Letter to your child, poem, story or video to share with the class

Friday : Come at 11:55 to have lunch with your child and their friends! You may bring lunch for them and bring your own!

Class Wish List...

NEW ITEMS listed here, thanks for checking our list!

-Hole Punchers...we have had two break. We would love some new hand held ones.

-Crayola Twistables, Crayola Crayons and Crayola Markers for our community art area. We are going through supplies quickly due to all of our amazing work! For some reason....everyone is struggling to keep their red crayon in good shape. But we all know that in order to have a new red crayon, we need a whole box of crayons :).

-A few sets of watercolor paints (we go through them very fast)

-Fall stickers, Halloween stickers, even Thanksgiving or Christmas stickers

-Paper plates (we needed some today for our apple tasting event and I didnt realize we had so few!)

-Purell--we are working hard to have clean hands before all activities

-Gift Certificates to Teachers Pay Teachers, a website I use to purchase fun and engaging activities that we do in class.

From around your house :

-Stationary and office odds and ends (paper, envelopes, etc)