Trail of Tears

westward expansion project

5 indian tribes were affected by the trail of tears.

The Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, and seminoles were all moved out of their land to a new place. an estimation of 4,000 cherokees died nearly a fifth of the cherokee population.

the Creeks and Simonles refused to leave their land and had 3 wars

The 1st Simonole war lasted 1817-1818 and the 2nd war was in 1835 and the 3rd war lasted 1855-1858. Andrew Jackson thought the indians were an obstacle in his way to getting more land and needed a way to get them out so he signed a indian removel act.

Cherokees went to the supreme court in 1831 based on their apeal in 1830

Georgia prohibited whites from living on indian territory after march 31, and in 1833 the cherokees were tricked with an illegtimate treaty only 2,000 migrated by 1838.

Andrew Jackson thought the Indians were children in need of guidance

Andrew Jackson didn't think the Indians were civilized and he wanted more land but the Indians were living their so he came up with the Indian removal.
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