Revealing You

By: Sierra Norlin 3/4th hour

How Does the Book "Night" Reveal You as a Human?

As a human being, the book "Night" can reveal a lot about you. The book "Night", is about the Jewish population being forced to concentration camps and how they were killed in terrible ways. The novel really shows your true colors. In the beginning of the book many families stuck together, until they were split up. When they were split some families never would see each other another day. Some fathers and sons stayed together, but taking care of each other took a big responsibility and some wanted to leave their loved one. If you only had to care for yourself it would be easier, but many need help to stay alive. As a person if you did had feelings about leaving your family you seem to not really love them anymore, you have become another person you don't even know. You can turn into a monster and kill friends, family, and anybody that gets in your way. When you are going through hard times you would never think of losing faith but many did. When you were starving or sick, many asked were God was. They questioned their faith and gave up on God. when you are not given what you want some people need somebody to blame, some blamed God. Starved, beaten, and killed for doing noting changed the way people thought. They turned on each other and all they cared about was themselves. They were put in their own death bed, some even dug out there own graves. These conditions put people over the edge and many changed in outrageous ways.