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Fundations (November)

*Letter-Keyword-Sound and Letter Formation for the letters: e,r, p, j, l, h, & k

*Sight Words: like, is, see

Reading Workshop (November)

Reading Unit of Study: Identifying and Becoming Familiar with Story Elements in Literature

1) Readers recognize and understand who characters are within their stories.

2) Readers understand where and when the setting is within their stories.

3) Readers retell, including major events and compare and contrast the adventures of characters within their stories.

Writing Workshop (November-December)

End of Marking Period 1 Assessments Given (All Subjects)

Writing Unit of Study: Storytelling and Writing About Events from Our Lives

1) Writers plan for and write their narratives with a sequenced- beginning, middle, and end inside of 3-page booklets (versus list and label books that are not narratives).

2) Writing is based on true events from writers’ lives.

3) Narratives stick to one event at a time and have words that match the pictures.

4) Kindergarteners write for their readers by representing initial sounds and attempting to represent ending letter sounds for words that match their pictures.

5) Writers attempt to spell all word wall words accurately in their personal narratives.

6) Writers use spaces to make their writing clear for their readers.

Math (November)

*Children play a matching game with Dot Cards to practice recognizing equal quantities in different arrangements.

*Children play a game with Dot Cards to practice counting and comparing sets.

*Children examine, describe, and compare a variety of triangles and create a triangle collage.

*Children make Number Boards to reinforce counting skills and principles and visualize the "one more" counting pattern.

*Children use concrete, nonverbal experiences to develop their understanding of addition and subtraction.

*Children determine the number of objects in a set when one object is added.

*Children sort and classify objects in different ways.

*Children compare, analyze, and discuss a variety of sorted collections they created.

*Children examine, describe, and compare circles and create a circle collage.

*Children compose and decompose numbers in various ways on a ten frame and informally explore addition and subtraction.

*Children practice counting collections in different arrangements.

*Children explore rectangles and create a rectangle collage.

*Children invent and solve different types of number stories using a variety of strategies.

*Children begin to solve number stories with unknown changes and starts.

Social Studies (November)

*Veterans Day