Using Smore!

I've got the 411 on using this site.

What is Smore?

Smore is a fun and simple thing to use whenever you want to make a flyer for an event you're having or doing. Let's say you're in a bakery class and you want to show off all your hard work with pictures of the food you have made. What's a better way to give your recipes with pictures then here on this site? there isn't one.

It' fun and school appropriate!

This site is fun, school appropriate, and easy to use. It's free so, it takes little time to sign up and get going on whatever it is you would like to publish. Once you sign in you can browse around other people's flyers or you can click on "Create New Flyer" in the right hand corner and begin your very own journey. After you click that you can pick any option you want and then begin your flyer right away.

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun! Hopefully you love it.