Drama in primary schools

an untapped opportunity for all ages, groups and abilities.


The Importance of Drama in the New National Curriculum

Effective teaching of drama holds a strong place in the outstanding classroom. The National Curriculum recognises the importance and value of drama and this idea and activity packed day allows leading practitioners to learn alongside an expert.Many teachers rarely use drama affectively, confidently or dynamically. This course addresses these issues and demonstrates how Drama can transform attitudes, well-being and learning for all.

This course will give teachers:

A fresh understanding on drama progression and strategies from Foundation to year 6.

Tried and tested examples and ideas specific to groups including; Boys Writing, Pupil Premium, EAL and SEN.

An understanding of the underpinning principles which make drama a powerful tool in all areas of the curriculum for all children.

A range of practical drama skills that are achievable and accessible to all teacher in order to accelerate learning.

A rejuvenated belief, comfort and confidence in the facilitation of drama in the classroom.

An understanding of drama conventions to impact practice across the curriculum.

An understanding of principles to inform drama as a subject in its own right

Course Presenter

Andrew Yeomans is a leading expert in facilitating drama in a primary setting. Andrew was an assistant head teacher, taught in all key stages of the primary sector and was an EYFS leader. Prior to his teaching career Andrew acted in film, on stage, both abroad and in London, and founded a drama company which focused on education. With a wealth of experience and understanding Andrew highlights up to date, new and effective drama strategies that truly transform learning and progress. His methods are tailored to the specific needs of the children and allow fellow professionals to feel comfortable, confident and informed.

Andrew is also a national speaker on both behaviour management and using technology as a tool to transform learning and attitudes. He is praised by Ofsted for his innovation, leadership and effective practice and presents his work around the UK for the National Association of Head Teachers. He is a founder of and blogger on the award winning and popular education blog, Mr Andrews Online.

Andrew is a practitioner who has done the research, tested the conventions and produced the original documents to ensure all teachers can easily use drama to impact learning. Whether your using drama as pedagogy or building drama into you curriculum in its own right, this course will cater to your needs.

On the importance of drama in schools and working with Andrew

"Andrew shares so much in one session. Everything rings true and makes sense and can be used across the school to great effect" Government Knowledge Delegate, London

“Drama engenders joy, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement in students, it really should blossom because there’s nothing like it.”Phil King head of drama at Bedales school.

"Just one day with Andrew has helped my staff make sense of the curriculum and capitalise on the many opportunities for drama and self-expression" Primary head teacher, Liverpool

“Drama in schools can unlock the use of imagination, intellect, empathy and courage” Jude Kelly (Theatre director and founder of Metal)

“Drama flourishes ..... speech ... emotional development ... Confidence....disadvantaged populations; as a pedagogy with implications across the school curriculum” Carroll 2004

“Drama across the curriculum produces 'deep understanding and higher order thinking, learning that was holistic and experiential, not just cognitive.” Wagner 1998

Price: £175 per delegate (plus VAT which schools can reclaim)

9:30am - 3:00pm
Lunch included

LONDON - The Abbey Rooms ( near Parliament Square)- 27th February 2015

Why attend?

Drama is so often misunderstood and too easily brushed aside. We cannot ignore drama when it's impact can transform and improve learning so greatly.

If you don't like using drama as a tool to facilitate learning then this course will transform your opinions of drama. If your school has or is trying to raise the profile of drama across the school and curriculum then this course will give you the insight to inform the choices you need to achieve success. It supports and develops all staff to facilitating drama with purpose and passion, to impact well being, involvement and learning. NO PARTICIPATION FROM DELEGATES REQUIRED