Spectacular Sea Sponges!

By Brooke Johnson


What has no organs, no tissues, no eyes, no back bone, no brain, and the largest of it was 10 ft wide? That’s right! A sponge! Sea sponges are amazing animals that help to make the ocean as beautiful as it is now. They are awe-inspiring to look at and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. This animal’s diet is limited, and it can live in a number of habitats.These creatures are truly unique!


You have finally grown roots in your new habitat. Suddenly, a sea turtle takes a bite out of you! He keeps munching and munching until your roots are pulled out of the ground. Everything goes black. That’s life. Sponges have an amazing anatomy and appearance, and their colors add so much to our ocean’s beauty. Their diet is simple, and they can live in just about any habitat. These fascinating marine organisms surely are interesting.

Think Tank: Word Wall

Here is my word wall with some facts about sponges. Can you guess what shape it is? It's a tube sponge! See if you knew any of these facts before reading my article. I sure didn't!
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Think Tank: Quizzle

Take this quizzle to see how much you have learned from my article. If you got 0-3 right, you are an omega. If you got 4-7 right, you are a subordinate. If you got 8-9 right, you are a beta, and if you got 10 right, you are an alpha.

Think Tank: Comic Strip

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Think Tank: Poem

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Here is my diorama. It includes a few of my topic animals, the sponge, a jellyfish, a dolphin, coral, seaweed, a seahorse, a starfish, and an octopus,
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Go Fish

In the Go Fish workshop, I bought some basic tank necessities, and some decorations to along with the theme “Summer Fun.” At first, I didn't have much of a theme, but I think that "Summer Fun" represents me. For the decor, I bought Summer Aquarium gravel and a soccer court for the fish to practice soccer on. I also bought some Hideaway Pipes, because the fish love to hide in compact places. Hideaway Stones also lay in their habitat. Green Ambula and Green Silk plants are grown here, but they are only plastic. I got fish to live in this amazing home too. I bought one Nessarius snail, two Neon Tetras, one male Deltatail, one Green Female Veiltail, two Lyretail Guppies, and one dwarf gourami. I had $250.00 as a budget, and I had $51.21 left over from all of my shopping. All of my fish fit the length perfectly, because the limit of length was 10 inches, because each fish needed an inch of space for its length.
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Here Is An Informative Video

Sea Sponges Under The Sea