Building your PLN and opening the walls of your classroom.

Why Tweet?

We always want to connect with others and build our knowledge base. Twitter is a great place to start! Twitter is traditionally known as the place that people share "silly" information that no one cares about in less than 140 characters. But, that's not all it is. A group of educators have grown on Twitter to share and learn with each other. It's a pretty amazing place to stay up to date and connect with others! In fact, educators have actually taken over Twitter and have the largest presence!


1. Step One: Create Your Account

Go to In the box on the right "New to Twitter?" fill in your name, email address and password. On the next page, check your name and email and then pick your username. This will be your Twitter handle, so be creative! Everyone will see it! It will then walk you through a short demo! Make sure you read what it says! It is a great introduction!

In the introduction, it will say "Build your Timeline. Start by following 5." In the search box, find the following people. When you find each one, click the follow button beside their name!

  • @COtechTchrs - Melissa
  • @ENHoward - Erin
  • @alisapauley - Alisa
  • @dmmorgan3 - Danielle
  • @holtzjillian - Jillian
  • @cphillips431 - Cheryl
  • @PatWolach - Jean

Then, it will have you find five more! You can pick what you want and explore. I will suggest the following for those of you who are stuck!

  • @edutopia (a MUST!!)
  • @Gaggle_K12
  • @DiscoveryEd
  • @Socrative
  • @TeachersApps
  • @poppletny
  • @WeAreTeachers
  • @ReadWrite
  • @educationweek
  • @jcasap

Then, it will have you search contacts to find more. You don't have to allow it to have access to your contacts. Just keep searching for things that interest you or your classroom.

Upload an image for your picture. (Otherwise you will be an egg and well that's just no fun!) And, be sure to give yourself a short bio! And, then check your email to verify your account!

Step Two: Learn the Lingo!

Learn the Twitter Terminology through this website! It's short, sweet and to the point!

Remember, you can "tag" people in posts by including @ and their username.

If you see something you like, you can retweet it to your followers!

If you see something you want to "save," favorite the tweet!

Step Three: Tweet!

Send a tweet and tag #HeritageExplorers and #HEtechChallenge


Hey @2techtchrs, @alisapauley and @patwolach! Look at me! I'm on Twitter now!!

Look through @edutopia's newsfeed and find an article that is fantastic. Then, retweet it!

Find another tweet (anywhere) and favorite the tweet!

Unsure if you did it right? Melissa will respond to the tweet that you tag me in. If you don't hear from Melissa, then try again! :)

STEP FOUR: Tweets with Pictures & Hashtags!

Tweets can also include pictures! You can easily attach a picture you took to your tweet to share with the world!

Hashtags help categorize things and also are a way to search for topics or events. Heritage is currently using the hashtag #HeritageExplorers to see what students and teachers are learning in the classroom. (Click the hashtag to see all the #HeritageExplorers tweets!)

Take a picture of yourself reading (or have someone take it) and tweet the picture of you with a comment that includes the #HeritageExplorers and #HEtechChallenge hashtag!

Step Five: Find People to Follow!

Twitter is all about who you follow! It is important to follow DCSD staff members so you can see what's going on in other schools. Sometimes it helps to find someone and look at who THEY follow! If you click on the link above, you can then click Follow to follow all those people.

But, it's also important to follow people outside DCSD so you can explore the world! Check out the links above or just start searching!

Get the number of people you follow above 50! It will make your Twitter experience so much better!

Step Six: There's an App for That!

Download the Twitter app on your smartphone and/or iPad and log into your account! It's a quick way to peruse your newsfeed when you have a spare moment.

On your laptop, go to the App Store program and search for TweetDeck. It's Melissa's favorite app for keeping up with Twitter.

Why Use Twitter in the Classroom