How Extra Credit Works

By: Mrs. Gardner

I do not offer extra credit throughout the semester.

First Things First

Extra credit can ONLY be ADDED to an existing grade. This means that you will be able to complete opportunities to bring up existing grades, not make up for 0s. I will not be offering blanket extra credit opportunities to bring up an entire grade.

Next Point of Concern

The best way to bring up your grade is to TURN IN work. 0s are the fastest way to bring down your grade. If a 0 is not made up, by completing late work, it will remain a 0. Remember that late work must be submitted within the 5 day window.

Check the News

Every now and then, other extra learning opportunities will be offered. These will be listed in the NEWS section of your course. Be sure you are reading your announcements. I will offer ONE grade replacement opportunity this semester. Please be sure you are watching the news items.

One Last Note

Extra credit opportunities are not added into your grade until the end of the semester. These will be added to corresponding assignments at the end of the semester.