13 colonies Webquest

Middle colonies

Timeline for the Middle colonies:


  • The Delaware Bay and Hudson River is explored by Henry Hudson.


  • The Hudson Bay is discovered by Henry Hudson.


  • Henry Hudson die.


  • Tobacco planted in Virginia for the first time.

Manhattan for a fur trade center by the Dutch.


  • The New England Natives go through a small pox epidemic.


  • The first African's come to the New World.


  • George Fox, who will found the Society of Friends (Quakers), is born.


  • King James I dies. The new king is King Charles I.

Additional Facts:

  • The Hornbook is a board shaped like a piece of paper that contained the ABC's lower and uppercase, a piece of scripture such as the Lords Prayer and short syllabic processions. This was used as a sort of textbook that the children used for home school. The wealthy often times decorated the book by using leather and jewels.

  • Most of the time, women made stayed home, cooked, educated children, and made clothes.

  • The Africans were traded, enslaved and worked by the colonists. They were most populated in the South.