Technology Use In The Classroom


Kahoot It

Students got in groups of 4 and worked together to answer questions about specific subject material. In science, students took quizzes on plants, weather, and animals. In math, we took quizzes on shapes, addition and subtraction facts. In Social Studies, we took quizzes on geography, people, and famous landmarks. Kahoot it is a great way to review new material. It if fun and interactive. The students love to learn about new facts!

Web Cams

We used web cams this year to broaden our studies of animals. Students were assigned a specific animal and they had to study the animals habitat. Then we discussed our results and put our findings into a research report. Students enjoyed "spying" on different animals.
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Web Cam at the Monterey bay Aquarium

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a wonderful site for students to do independent research. Students were able to watch short video clips to get more information. We also used Discovery Education to introduce new material to students. They really enjoyed learning about strange and unusual animals.


We did Polar Animal research reports. Students had to research an animal from one of the polar regions. After the students completed their reports, we videotaped their presentation. Then we made a code using the Qrafter application. We printed the codes out and sent them home. Students were able to use devices at home and share their reports with their parents. They were so excited to share them!


We used the Ipads for math. We installed math apps for students to practice and challenge their math knowledge. We used Ten Marks to review skills in the classroom and at home. We also used the Ipads to record findings when we were searching for specific shapes. They love to videotape and share their findings.
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