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at the dinner table

"Words — what we choose to say, how we say it and even how we play with words and language — create the kind of pleasant and welcoming environment that makes family dinner worthwhile. Here are some of our top tips for choosing and using words for fun and conversation that will make everyone want seconds."
is it tattling or telling?

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are you worried about your kids online? see below.

lunch box notes

a video clip from the parent toolkit - a great resource to know

Tips to Support Decision-Making

check out the short video below

"Release is the 2nd in a series of Mindful Shorts, and it focuses on stress and anxiety as experienced by middle school kids. 70% of middle school students today report feeling “stressed out” — an alarming figure, and a sign that something must be done to help kids manage the sense of overwhelm and frustration they experience so that they can blossom into young adults who are equipped to navigate their way"
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talking about cannabis

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and remember to look after yourself

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last month's social emotional learning flyer on kindness

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linda campbell

sel resources for elementary families and staff


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