The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Robin Bateman

The author's text structure defines the characterization of Walter Mitty as being imaginative,kept to himself, and Independant in his life.

First, Walter Mitty is imaginative and has a very active imagination.

Walter always has daydreams. His daydreams are always full of different scenes and stories.
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Also, Walter Mitty keeps to himself.

When his wife yells at him, he doesn't talk back. If he feels bad, he doesn't let anyone know if he is hurt or upset or how he feels.
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Lastly, Walter MItty is independant.

He does what he wants to do, not what his wife tells him to do. An example of this is when Mrs.Mitty tells him to put on his gloves but when she leaves, he takes them off because he didn't think he needed them.
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In conclusion, Walter Mitty has a very active imagination, keeps to himself, and is independant.