VCR D Lesson 5

Caroline Alba

Fill in the Blank

The __n__ style of sculpture featured an elephant that was slightly raised from background of the clay.




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The Word


Sculpture whose ornament or figures are somewhat raised above the background (also known as "low relief").

The Roots

basis (G.) "pedestal," "foot," "base"

bassus (L.) "low"


sunk relief, cavo-rilievo, rilievo stiacciato, basso-rilievo




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How bas-relief is made (.58)

Sculpture Techniques - Textures & Forms - PREVIEW

Choose the sentence that uses the word incorrectly

A. The engravings on some coins are similar to bas-relief sculptures, because the figure is slightly raised from the background.

B. I felt a surge of bas-relief when Mrs. Hutchinson canceled the reading quiz today.

C. Lorenzo Ghiberti used the bas-relief technique to craft his famous panel, the "Gates of Paradise", which features the Creation of Adam and Eve raised slightly.

D. For art class, I added clay formations to my sculpture that made the figure lightly pop in a bas-relief style.