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February 12, 2016

Schedule & Info for Monday, February 15 PL

Click here to access the short flipped video and schedule. Email Kayla if you have questions

Required Self-Analysis Survey- Due By: March 4th

Click here to access the required survey from the district curriculum team. Results will be used to conduct a comparative analysis with the recently conducted curriculum audit.

Nuts & Bolts

Students in Workrooms...

NO students (including teacher aides) are allowed in workrooms unless they are with a teacher. There are often sensitive materials related to confidential student information and tests that are easily accessible in those areas.

TELPAS Updates

The window will be from February 16 – March 3. As you plan for the upcoming weeks, build time into your class to obtain one or more writing sample(s) for ESL learners. Please do not hesitate to check with Mr. Poullard should you have any questions.

Affected teachers should have received a more detailed e-mail regarding these learners.

Here is a sample e-mail.

All writing samples will go to the following grade level AP representatives:

9th: Poullard

10th: Bagley

11th: Thomas

12th: Varnell

Instructional Guidelines for Collaborative Work

As a campus, we need to establish guidelines for collaborative/group work. Here is the next draft of this work. We hope to have a working process moving forward. We wanted to get your feedback – please feel free to leave public comments to give feedback. If interested, please complete this by 2/19. J You can find the link here.

Spring Showcase Updates:

Our Spring Showcase is February 29, 2016 from 5:30p – 7:00p! We are excited to showcase our premier high school. There will be multiple events that will illustrate the greatness that exists on our campus. Click ALL of the links below that apply to you.

Important: Please note that the 4th period invitation will be sent during the week of February 22nd. It is an expectation that all students will participate, including Athletics and Fine Arts. Department Chairs will be checking in with you regarding this requirement.

Are you a classroom educator?

Are you a club or organization sponsor?

Do you teach a freshman elective course or coach a sport?

We are really excited about the upcoming showcase event.

Email Anthony if you have questions.


Note from the District Testing Coordinator, Debbie Youngs:

Every computer on every campus should now have a STAAR Online Testing Program icon. It has a TX state flag and says, “STAAR Online Testing Program.”

Each computer needs to be tested to ensure the icon opens a link that can be used to access STAAR tutorials and practice tests. If the link does not work, please put in a help desk ticket. Since CISD’s technology department has everything set up per the state’s requirements, the issue will most likely be with the individual computer.

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Flex- Don't procrastinate! (All hours due by April 30th)

The Myth Behind Education- 1 Flex Credit

Click here to read the article (great read!) Interested to hear your thoughts.... Email Kayla and 'cc De Ann to receive your flex credit

Welcome to the CHS family, Zack Kapalka, ASL teacher

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Family Snapshots!

If you have a family photo to share with your CHS family, please email the photo and some info to Kayla. #CHSWeAreONe
Mandatory- Click here to verify receipt

Must have read & confirmed receipt BY: February 22nd