Starling's Summary

Weekly information, updates, calendar and more

The week ahead... December 14 - 18

Monday, December 14 - Secret Santa Begins

Ugly Sweater - photo booth day - come by the library to take pics with friends

Staff meeting with Mr. Chambers - all staff need to attend

Tuesday, December 15

Take a trip to Candy Land in the PLC room

F.A.M.E. meeting

Wednesday, December 16

The gift of time - all classroom teachers will receive extra planning time today

Specials will be shortened and kinder is moved to the morning

Please follow this schedule:

4th - 8:05 - 8:45

Kinder - 8:50 - 9:25

3rd - 9:35 - 10:10

2nd - 10:20 - 10:55

1st - 12:05 - 12:40

From 1:15 - 2:30 bring your students to the gym or cafeteria (see below). Students will enjoy some Christmas movies and popcorn. Teachers may use the time how you choose. All paras, content team and block team will report to gym or cafeteria to monitor students.

Gym - 4th, kinder, structure, 1/2 of 1st

Cafeteria - 3rd, 2nd, 1/2 of 1st, PK/PPCD

Dual Language Holiday Program

8th Annual Cookie Exchange

Thursday, December 17

Cookie decorating and wassail in the lounge

4th grade program

8:50 – 3rd grade, Kinder, and Pre-K am

1:35 – 2nd grade, 1st grade, and Pre-K pm

Friday,December 18-

School ends an hour early today, you may leave at 2:40 - all holiday decor and party items must be cleaned up before you go

A gift from me to you can be found in your box today

Sing A Long

8:30 – 4th grade, 3rd grade, 2nd grade

9:30 – 1st grade, Kinder, Pre-K am

Christmas parties - need to be over by 1:30 so students can have a calm ending to the day and be ready for an organized dismissal

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Reminders and Updates

Continue to check your PD hours - all staff must have at least 14 hours by February 29 and sessions are few and fill up fast when you don't fulfill your hours in the summer, take advantage of campus staff development.

FYI - for those of you who need GT update hours/ PD, continue checking Eduphoria for updated Spring 2016 sessions.

Coach Nick is requesting any interested staff member to volunteer to help with girls basketball. Please talk to him if you are interested.

Horn Hero of the Week Ballot

Scroll down to the staff member you are voting for and click inside the box. Vote for only one person.

Congratulations.... Sara Cruz - Horn Hero of the Week for Dec. 7-11

The following staff also received votes and I thought it might be nice to know:

Andre Bailey, Cafeteria Team, Megan Scudder, Ruth Sanchez, Cori Austin, Elizabeth Sivak, Ebony Frank, Elaine Tetreault, Felipe Hernandez, Monica Lemus, Alicia Leyva, Maria Capulong, Meli Leiva, Tamikia Reed, Ester Marsh, Mindy Moleski, Mary Molina, Andetra Fennie, Sasha Kennedy, Adrienne White, Lori Lyn, George Badough, Diane Wright, Yolanda Sanders, Gloria Rodriguez, Rosa Goodman, Ampelia Fleming, Martinique Adams, Sam Ma, Judith Hines, Sue Bandyopadhyay, Jazmina Buruca, NaKeysha Washington, Sonja Rodgers, Mindy Moleski, Gail Tshirhart, Diana Fernandez

Horn Hero of the Week - staff questionnaire - please fill out if you haven't already

Click on the link to complete the Staff questionnaire. If you are the winning staff member, this is the information we will display.

Shout Outs and Celebrations

Thank you to everyone for all of the work you put in to making a successful status of the class. I know it was a lot of work - but it was very productive.

Thank you to all of the content specialists who gave up their time as well to provide support to the teachers.

Thank you to Whitney, NaKeysha, Lori, Diana, and Lily for covering classes-we couldn't have done it without you!!!

Our Bicycle event was absolutely awesome - we had so many staff members making this event a success and some even brought their families to help - on a Saturday - on a Saturday Morning!! Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Silva - what a great event you made possible!!

Thank you for loving our kids and helping make their lives better.

Thank you to:

Jenny Gonzalez, Salyshka Torres, Stephanie Schmidt, Nelda Solano, Nancy Ronding- bike building babes!!

Dianna Cavazos and family - getting all of the bikes ready to hand out

Elaine Tetrault, Mindy Moleski and family, Jennifer Silva, Jeff Jernberg, Ryan Johanek - built 100s of bikes on Friday and Saturday

Mary Molina

Myriam Vega and family - getting the kids ready and fitted onto their new bikes

George Badough - box folding crew

Erica O' Quin and family - crowd control

Alicia Leyva - paparazzi

Sasha Kennedy - safety patrol

Susan Macedo, Marie Washington, Andre Bailey - handy helpers

Staff Birthdays

Megan Scudder-Dec. 15

Diana Fernandez-Dec. 16

Rosa Goodman-Dec. 19

Cinthia Rodriguez-Dec. 20

Yolanda Sanders-Dec. 25

George Badough-Dec. 26

José Bermudez-Dec. 26

REMINDER AGAIN .... please always call in absence as early as possible, you can always cancel if you end up not needing to be absent

Absence Management System Upgrade (Effective 11/24/2015)

SmartFind Express, the Alief ISD absence management system, is in the process of being upgraded to the newest version. This process will take place over several months.

The first phase will occur over our Thanksgiving Holidays; the target date is November 24, 2015. You will continue to use our existing system until that date; any absences entered will transition to the new system.

Things to Know as We Make This Transition

· The SmartFind URL is changing. Please note the new URL:

· You may continue to access the system through the district website at: > Staff > Employee Absence System.

· The calling system telephone number (281-983-1624) will remain the same.

· You will use the SAME ID and PIN to access the system (telephone or web).

· The system will not be accessible November 24, 2015 due to the upgrade.

If you find that you need assistance or information – please contact your HR Substitute Specialist:

Wanda Adekoya x5250

Cinthya Barrios x2130

Pam Hortenstine x4040

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc