By Laurie Halse Anderson


Melinda starts off the school year with the reputation for calling the cops at the end of summer party. She makes a new friend that didn't know about the party. Heather takes advantage of Melinda and dumps her as a friend because she thinks that Melinda is not helping her get into the groups she wants to get into. Melinda finds an old janitor closet that no one uses and now that's her special place. She skips school a lot more and becomes a lot more quiet. She reconnects with her friend called Ivy. Melinda starts to find the meaning in her art assignment. She tells Rachel what happened at the party and she just thinks she is just jealous of her and Andy. Rachel and Andy go to prom together and he won't keep his hands off of her. They break up. She feels bad about not believing Melinda. Andy yells at Melinda saying that she ruined his reputation and that she wanted it just as much as he did that night. He tries to rape her again in her special closet. She screams trying to get peoples attention. She breaks the mirror and puts a piece of it on Andy's neck. The girls lacrosse team is at the door and they look really mad. The rest of the day Melinda becomes more and more popular. She gets and A on her art assignment because she found the meaning in the tree.


  • Mostly at the school
  • at home
  • outside at the mall
  • parents work

Main characters


This book is a different, but a good different. Its a good book to read. Its a little slow in beginning but it picks up. Its a good book to read when you want to read something different. It relates to a lot of teens struggling in school with always skipping and being quiet.