Joseph Stalin

By: Damaris Arreola

Fast Facts:

  • Date of Birth: December 1878
  • Place of Birth: Gori, Georgia
  • Government Style: Dictator

Major Accomplishments of Joseph Stalin:

  1. Joseph lead the construction of a socialist economy. Which led to more Electricity, running water, literacy, and food.
  2. He also brought down the Japanese Imperialism. Which protected people from Hitler and the Japanese.
  3. Joseph successfully divided the " United Front" of imperialists against the USSR. This was good because the USSR was the enemy and Joseph was part of the "United Front" so he divided it so they could attack the enemy faster.

Reasons why Joseph Stalin is a good Dictator:

  1. Joseph Stalin is really smart because he received a scholarship to a fins seminary.
  2. Joseph is really powerful because he was in the military, so he knows how to make plans to defeat the enemy.

Joseph Stalin Quotes: