Henry Ford

By: Logan Jenkins

A Biography on Henry Ford's Life

On July 30th, 1863 on his father’s farm in Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford was born. As a child, Henry was very smart and hands-on. He also liked to create things and build things from scratch. His life as a boy was pretty good and normal but he didn't want to become a farmer like his father was, he wanted to be a manufacturer. In Ford’s first big job, he operated and distributed portable steam engines to farmers across his hometown of Dearborn. Eventually he wanted to become popular and started to take interest in vehicles. Henry knew nothing about owning a business of his own. Ford tried and tried but couldn't get anything going and his first two businesses went under and were closed. After all of that, he came up with an idea and he created a new and improved car called the Model-T. This car became a huge hit to the public not only for the change of the car but also as a fashion statement. This helped Ford and his company out a lot because of all the money they brought in.

However, there was just one small problem, it took eight hours to make a Model-T. It hit him, Ford came up with what would revolutionize the car industry and Ford Motors Company forever, an assembly line to make the Model-T. Now instead of eight hours of work on a car, it could be done in 10 seconds because of the assembly line. Although business for Ford’s company was going very well, The Great Depression hit not only him but everyone else like a ton of bricks. During that time work was tough and he didn’t pay his workers much at all before the Depression but when it hit his workers weren’t being paid close to anything now. Henry created a couple of new cars, the Model-T, Model-A, Model-B and some others that he made later on. There was a museum/institute created by Ford and he set up an evolution of cars inside showing the first known car all the way to the latest car created in the 1920’s.

Movie Questions

1. When did Henry Ford and his wife move to Detroit?

2. On what date did Ford make his first successful test drive? Was it during the daytime or nighttime?

Impact of Henry Ford on Modern Day Life

If Ford hadn’t come up with the idea of an assembly line of workers for the car then the way we make cars today could be very different, thus changing the way they run and look too.