by Claire and Priscille

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of the Internet


DO Use the Internet Responsibly; Don't use the internet for anything other than school when doing schoolwork

DONT download things from unknown websites; Viruses and/or anything harmful could happen to your computer when you don't know what you're downloading

DO be respectful to other people on the internet; Don't go mocking other people about their opinions or work that they on or about the internet

DONT make fun of other users online; It could hurt other people's feeling and lower self-esteem-also known as Cyber Bullying

DO follow website guidelines; It is important to follow a website's rules and if you don't, you be banned from a website or be charged by the creators

DONT confuse people with false information; It causes drama and the person/people that you confuse could accidentally break rules on said website

DO use proper grammar when emailing someone; It's good to know when people actually understand what you're saying in an email

DONT talk to strangers; It can lead to dangerous situations and some people on the internet might not be who they say they are

DO use the internet appropriately; Don't look up anything no school related or inappropriately when working or researching

DONT start a flame war; You will most likely be banned from said website. (Flame wars are when someone starts a argument about something and bashes someone and their opinions.