Greenville Splash Masters

April News Splash

Swimmer of the Month

Karen Knight is an awesome swimmer! She has been a long time member of the YMCA. She works out regularly - everyday - sometimes even twice a day! Yoga, weight classes, running, exercise classes and of course swimming. Karen has a true passion for the YMCA and has also served as a board member for the GHS YMCA. Karen started swimming regularly about 5 years ago when we posted workouts at the Adams Mill pool. She attended the stroke clinics and learned how to swim all 4 strokes. She was a little reluctant to try Masters, but we coaxed her into it and now she is hooked. Karen started swimming Masters at GHS the first month we started the program. She has been coming faithfully three times a week ever since. She never misses a workout! She works out very hard and does the entire workout without ever skipping any repeats or sets! She has gotten a lot faster since her beginner days. Karen has 2 teenage daughters in high school and loves to write poems in her spare time. Karen is thinking about swimming in her first swim meet this June!
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Super Sprint Saturday for Open Doors

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Sara celebrates the Big 5-0 with her children: Monica and Mikey

Low Country Splash Open Water

Saturday, May 24th 2014 at 7am

40 Patriots Point Rd

Mt Pleasant, SC

The 2.4 Mile open water swim goes along the Mount Pleasant shoreline, swimming under the Cooper River Bridge and finishing at the Charleston Harbor Marina and Resorts in front of the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point. The 5 mile Splash starts at the Daniel Island Pier and proceeds across the Wando and then follows the 2.4 mile course. This is a great team event, come join us for fun in Charleston, both in the water and out!

Upcoming Events

April 10-13
YMCA Nationals, Sarasota, FL.
We have a record crowd going this year: Carolyn Moore, Sara Bopp, Casey Oliver, Cheryl Quinn, Janice Hebel, Susan Demere, Bonnie Glasgow Spann, Leslie Scott, Bill Robertson, Blake Leche, Doug Long, Mark Kothe, Jack Read, Michael Roka, Michael Mauhar, Rick Haverland and Troy McAlister. Good luck Splash!

April 14-19
Water Safety Awareness Week. Free sessions for children at all 3 YMCA locations.

April 25
Bubble Removal Day at Caine Halter and GHS

May 24
Low Country Splash Open Water Swim, Charleston, SC Come swim the 2.4 mile or 5 mile swim. We always have a big group for this exciting event. Register early for the 5 mile because the slots fill up fast (only 30 slots left in the 5 mile)

May 31
Beaufort River Swim, Beaufort, SC

June 7
LCM Swim Meet at University of Georgia, Athens, GA

June 8
Latta Open Water Challenge Latta Plantation Gar Creek, Charlotte, NC

June 14
Death Valley Open Water Swim, Clemson, SC

June 14
Dixie Zone Open Water Championship, Chattanooga, TN

June 21-22
Long Course Meet Roy Dessloch Invitational, Greenville, SC
This is a big team event. Save the date! We need YOU to help us score big team points!

October 13, 2014
Bermuda Round the Sound
. Be thinking about joining us this year for a choice of 10k, 7k, 4k, 2k or .8k. So far Tyler Scott, Sara Bopp, Leslie Scott, Cheryl Reinke, Craik Davis, and Casey Oliver are planning to go.

Splashing Accomplishments

Hits Triathlon Series Ocala, FLA. Olympic Distance.

Scott Brown was second out of the water in his age group! He was fourth on the bike and sixth in the run. He finishes overall in studly fashion!

Columbia Downtown Triathlon

Michael Mauhar
is 4th overall! Phil North finishes in the top quarter! Karen Bailey wins 1st place in her first ever Aquabike!

Parris Island

Michael Mauhar is 5th overall in this sprint triathlon

Yes Real Swimmers Use Fins!

After one of Tom Callaway's workouts, many swimmers were wondering why they were so tired from the fin set. Beginner swimmers are reluctant to use fins because they think it is cheating. However the benefits are huge. Using fins allows a larger muscle mass of the legs to be used. This allows a more demanding workout that burns more calories and increases fitness levels. This increased work load means exertion levels remain higher and the cardiovascular system gets a more intense workout with even greater fitness benefits. Fins will develop leg strength. Kicking with fins is like lifting weights. The added resistance from the blade increases the workload on the leg muscles. The body adapts by increasing the strength of the muscles. Fins also help with increased ankle flexibility. Many triathletes have poor ankle flexibility and their feet point down which causes drag. Good swimmers can hyperextend their ankles. Fins use an increased surface area which forces ankle extension during the power phase of the kick. Using fins stretches the ankles and increases flexibility so the kick will become more efficient. Fins will improve body position and technique. Fins add propulsion which increases speed. Good swimmers stay on top of the water while beginner swimmers tend to drag their legs and swim more vertical. Fins allow swimmers to stay more horizontal in the water. Fins allow swimmers to swim at faster speeds. This will transfer to swimming faster without fins because of muscle memory. The muscles will remember the feeling of the faster swimming and will duplicate that pattern without fins. Technique will improve by repeated use of swimming faster with fins and staying higher in the water.

Many swimmers ask me what kind of fins to get. Longer fins provide more resistance and allow for more propulsion which is great for beginner swimmers. Shorter fins require a faster kick and are good for more advanced swimmers and those with good ankle flexibility. Medium blade fins capture the best of both worlds. The blade is short enough to allow a good tempo but long enough to work on ankle flexibility. My favorite fins to recommend are called aquasphere. These have a medium curved blade and have a right and left foot design. These fins are made of a lightweight foam which helps beginner swimmers to have an improved body position. I have been recommending these fins for years and recently found out that Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen also recommends aquasphere. She holds the most records in Masters swimming.

HOW TO KICK properly with ZOOMERS Gold fins

Congratulations to Bob and Christina!

Best wishes to Bob Nachman and Christina Smith on their engagement! I think it was true love when Christina spent time on the escort boat with Bobby three years ago during the Swim Around Charleston!