Hot Air Ballons

Likaney & Chelsea

How it relates to Charles Law

  • Charles Law V1/T2=V2/T2
  • Charles Boyles Law says that the volume of a gas is directly related to the temperature of that gas.
  • This means that when a gas is heated, as from the burner in a hot air balloon, the gas expands, as it expands it becomes less dense and provides the lift.
  • In order for the balloon to rise with people in the the balloon has to have a low density. The people, weight of the balloon, the basket and air should be less than the total amount of air displaced by the balloon

How it relates to Gay-Lussac's Law

  • Gay-Lussac's Law P1/T2=P2/T2
  • In 1804 he made several other ascents of over 7,000 meters above sea level in hydrogen-filled balloons which allowed him to investigate other aspects of gas.
  • The next year he told of his findings that the earth's atmosphere does not change in composition with increasing altitude.
Charles' Law - Balloon blown-up in a Flask