Mrs. Butler's Class News

December News Letter

Social Studies

What we did in Social Studies this month was watch a Brainpop and School House Rock video on the three branches of government. The three branches are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. We worked in groups on learning more about the three branches of the government. Also we learned what the Constitution is. We read a book on the Constitution, it was called We The People. We also learned a School House Rock song to help us learn the words to the Preamble, which is the beginning part of the Constitution.

By: Gavin, Chance, Donovan, Nicholas, Nico


In December we wrote about our holiday traditions. Some of the things we had ideas about about are- baking holiday cookies, or going downtown to Macy's to see the big Christmas tree, watching Christmas movies and listening to holiday music. We also wrote in November about everything we're thankful for. We wrote on paper that was in the shape of a turkey. After that we wrote everything, we got to color our turkey. A fun fact is, Mrs. Butler hung our turkey writing in the hallways, so our parents got to see our work while they were at conferences!

Also Mrs. Butler had us take a piece of paper out of our notebook and write two sentences and then we had to switch with our table to make a very humorous story! We loved having everyone's ideas in our story! We had a great couple of months in writing! :)

By: Cassidy, Marley, Samantha, Brooke, Kaitlyn, and Melissa


In RTI we are learning many things! Including Greek and Latin roots with Mrs. Vallejo like, therm- and bio-. We also learned what a protagonist and antagonist are with Mrs. Butler, which is the good character and the bad character. With Miss Komos we were reading books and talking about them. We read The day the crayons quit and The voices in the park. With Mrs. Walkington we read passages with her and all of our friends. We then compared and contrasted the passages. We read a story about trash and how to stop throwing away so much garbage. We also wrote a persuasive paragraph about how to stop trash. We learned a lot during RTI this month.

By: Ava, McKenna, Arya, Abby and Sayde


This month in science we’ve been learning about potential energy and kinetic energy. Kinetic is energy with motion. Potential is stored energy. We went to two science assemblies. The first assembly was about renewable and nonrenewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that you can reuse. The second one was about robots. We are learning about robots, because we be building robots during our STEM science time.

By Michael, Connor, Mutasim, and Luke


During math in December, our class spent a lot of time learning about decimals. Our teacher taught us a trick. We remember it by saying Ken’s Harry Dogs Make Dairy Cows Moo! Each letter stand for different types of measurement.

We also started playing a new game called Prodigy! Basically you get be a Wizard and have battles against animals. You can catch them and make them your own! During a Wizard battle you choose the attack, but you have to answer a math problem correctly to use the spell. Our class likes it, we can even play at home. Our opinion about this game is that it is elating and exciting, and it helps us with our math! We also used Front Row, which gives us challenging division, and multiplication problems. We also practice our facts on Xtra Math. We have learned a lot in math this month.

By: Louis, Cole, Ryan, Emmanuel, and Daniel

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