Made by Efren J Stringi

Responsibilities of Nutritionists

  • They must advise their clients to make good nutritional decisions

  • They review foods for nutritional value

  • Prepare information for food advertising

  • Determine and create nutrition indicators on labels

Skills and/or Personal characteristics needed

  • They must be able to manage their time wisely due to long work hours
  • They must be able to discuss different topics with their clients
  • They must have excellent hygiene
  • They must have a degree in nutrition
  • They must have the ability to create an individualized menu for his/her clients

Prior Training required

  1. At least a bachelors degree in nutrition OR
  2. A complete 900 hours of field work OR
  3. A class taken on nutrition with a year-long internship following the class

working environment

A typical office usually is a sanitary, brightly lit office, with a proper ventilation system

Usually work for 40 hours a week

Occasionally work weekends

Nutritionists typically make $56,950 per year while working full-time