Evolution of Communication History

How we went from telegrams to texting

B.C : Beginning Communication

Communication History started with the cavemen. They would use cave paintings as a way to get in touch with other people whether it was just to say hi, or to possibly warn them of danger. Symbolic communication continued until 4000 BC. Then, writing was invented...

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Writing and the Alphabet

In 4000 BC, writing started to develop and evolve with the use of Hieroglyphs as symbols. They would be put together to create a message that people could understand. 2000 years later, the Alphabet was formed. People could use actual letters and words to make messages and verbally talk with one another!

Evolution In Pictures


Texting and Cell Phones

In 1854, the first ever phone was invented by Antonio Meucci. It was used to instantaneously talk with people without having to go through the trouble of writing a letter and waiting for a reply. Eventually, phones got even more interesting. The very first cell phone was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper. They are different from regular phones because they are handheld and portable. They could be taken ANYWHERE! Cell Phones got more and more advanced as the years went along and they eventually started to use texting, a way to connect with people just by sending someone a message from your phone. Texting has gained popularity and is now one of the most used ways to connect with people over verbally talking.

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