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03/09/15 What we are Learning this Week!!

Here is what we will be learning in the upcoming week:


  • This week we are continuing to work on our Novel Tuck Everlasting. are going to be working on creating theories about our characters based on text evidence. We are also going to continue looking for signposts in our novel.

  • I can compare and contrast two or more characters or settings in a story.
  • I can accurately quote from the text when making inferences.


This week we are wrapping up our persuasive book reviews. We will be immersing ourselves into argumentative essays. This week we will be looking a variety of persuasive/argumentative pieces and deciding what makes a piece of writing persuasive.

  • I can write effectively according to the purpose for writing.
  • I can select a topic to share with an audience.


This week we will be working on volume this week. We will also be focused on using nets to build solid shapes.

  • I can identify volume as an attribute of a solid figure.
  • I can recognize that a cube with one unit side length is “one cubic unit” of volume.
  • I can explain a process for finding the volume of a solid figure by filling it with unit cubes without gaps and overlaps.
  • I can measure the volume of a hollow three dimensional figure by filling it with unit cubes with gaps and counting the number of squares.
  • I can use unit cubes to determine the volume of a rectangular prism.


We are still in our universe unit. Last week, we focused on the moon and it's phases. This week we will be working on the sun and shadows.

  • I can relate changes in length and position of a shadow to the time of day and position of the Sun
  • I can relate the apparent motion of the Sun, Moon and the stars to the rotation of the Earth.

Weekly Specials Schedule

A Day= PE B Day= Music C Day= Library Media Center


Tuesday-- C (Art is always on Tuesdays)



Friday-- C

Updates and Reminders

Sunday, March 8- Daylight Savings Time- Turn clocks forward

March 13- End of Third Quarter

March 16- No School

March 20- Progress Reports Sent Home

March 24- Spring Pictures

March 30-April 3 Spring Break

Our classroom expectation is that students read for 20 minutes nightly! This is considered nightly homework!

Spelling Words

  1. artistically
  2. critically
  3. logically
  4. quizzically
  5. basically
  6. vertically
  7. historically
  8. politically
  9. romantically
  10. technically
  11. chaotically
  12. alphabetically
  13. traumatically
  14. majestically
  15. rhythmically
  16. sarcastically
  17. catastrophically
  18. typically


Please feel free to contact me anytime with ideas, questions, or concerns.