North Carolina Colonial Times

Find out the story behind north carolina

In the beginning

The first settlement North Carolina was in 1653. North Carolina was one of the first colonies to be founded in the United states. A man named Hernando de soto who was the first man to walk on North Carolina soil. North Carolina got its name from the Latin name carolsus witch means Charles as in King Charles IX.

Some facts about colonial North Carolina

The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. About 93% of people in North Carolina I. Colonial times are white and the other 3% is Hispanic, black people, and some others.they harvested corn, cotton, tobacco, and live stock as in cows pigs and more.

Interesting things about North Carolina

North Carolina was one the states that aloud slavery. North Carolina actually did not become a real state until November 21st 1789. in north Carolina there were people included pirates, Indians, and others. North Carolina's nickname is Tar Heel state. There song is called old north state

North Carolina state bird, animal, food, drink, and more

State animal: Gray squirrel.

State bird: Cardinal

State food: Blue berry

State drink: Milk

State tree: Pine tree

State flower: Dogwood

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