located on the continent of Africa

Fun Facts

Chads favorite sport is soccer. Chads favorite foods are meat and fish. And the last fact is The average Chadian give birth to six children. Their languages are Arabic, French, and more.

Chads fabulous food

This food is Chads oysters. One of its fabulous food.
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Chads famous soccer

This is one of Chads teams, you can see it's jersey. The colors are yellow, blue, and red.

Chads landmark Historical land marks of Chad, Africa

This is chads Historical land marks of Chad, Africa
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The citizen of chad

The citizen of chad is Idriss Deby. He is 63 years old. He is citizen because he is the president of chad. He was selected as Presiden in1996,2001 and 2006.

Why is it special

Chad is special because it has 11,412,107 people in 2014. In 1883 all kingdoms went to rule. Chad is twice the size of Texas. You watch racing on the Tibesti Mountains.
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