DogTag: You're It! Rescue

On her way to the local convenience store, a good friend and volunteer of the rescue community stumbled upon two helpless pups. These two girls were so friendly and approachable, but much to her surprise and heartache did she learn from the store owner that for the past 6 months they had been strays--unwanted and unacknowledged by the countless number of people that passed them by everyday. Everyday they had been frequenting the area and particularly the store at night time knowing that there may be some chance of finding scraps food to sustain themselves.

The girls are so incredibly bonded that in the sea of pedestrians that passed them by for the past 6 months they've only ever had each other in their struggle for finding food, shelter, and a hope that in all of the strangers they see every day they might find someone who cared about their existence. After several attempts to catch these two pups, there was still difficulty in gaining the chi's trust and as she managed to coax Anabella (poodle mix) over, but Lula (Chi mix) went under the car to hide, and that's when a homeless man went under and grabbed her.

Lula is approximately 3 years old, spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, fecal tested, heartworm tested, and have received dental or will be receiving dental prior to adoption. She is urgently in need of a loving foster home or forever home! Email us today at