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May 2018

Dates to Remember

Prom: May 5

End of 4th Quarter: May 24

End of 2nd Semester: May 24

April's Newsworthy Classrooms

20% Time Project with a Purpose

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After returning from spring break, seniors in Mr. Haney's English classes began working on 20% Time projects. The project provides students with an opportunity to learn more about something they are interested in, expand their knowledge in an area they are passionate about, or give back to others by leading a community project. Week one, students chose a project and set an end goal. From there, they've conducted research, planned, created a timeline, and wrote weekly journals tracking their growth. Each Friday (20% of the students' time together) is dedicated to these projects.

"Many of the seniors have used their projects to learn more about their desired careers and get a jump on the future. Others are simply using the opportunity to learn a challenging new hobby or skill. Often times we hear people say, 'One day I'll get around to doing that.' The cool thing about this project is that it gives students that time now.

One student who is doing a phenomenal job with her project is senior Kailey Gideon. Kailey had the idea to collect plastic bottle caps that will eventually be melted down and made into a bench. The bench will be placed near the soccer fields and will serve as a memorial for Sydney Foster. Kailey is in need of 400 pounds of plastic caps total. She has done a wonderful job marketing her project not just around the school, but around the community. Channel 13 even picked up the story and interviewed Kailey for the evening news. It has been a fun experience watching her project, and others', grow bigger than students had ever imagined." - Mr. Haney

"Throughout this project I have been living by a quote, 'Live like Syd,' Kyle Hysong, Sydney's boyfriend, said on one of his social media posts about Sydney after her passing. The quote has stuck with me and I feel that those who really knew Sydney, can really understand the meaning of that small quote. She was determined, free willed, and a social butterfly whose smile and laughter could fill a room. Doing this project, I have earned so much compassion from the small community I have grown up in. I am thankful for all of the support I have received since starting this project. I feel if Sydney were in my shoes, she would do this for a classmate as well. I am simply trying to, 'Live like Syd.'" - Kailey Gideon

School Safety Forum

Providing real-world opportunities for students is something Western Boone continually strives to accomplish. Earlier this month, Western Boone hosted a School Safety Forum with State Senator Phil Boots and State Representative Dr. Tim Brown. The entire student body was encouraged to submit questions for the forum while 23 students sat on the live panel to discuss school safety with our state representatives.

"The idea of the School Safety Forum came from discussions between administrators and school board members. Through the discussion, it became clear that there was a more productive and effective platform for our students to be heard in regards to school safety. I appreciate Senator Phil Boots and Representative Dr. Tim Brown taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with our students. At the conclusion of the forum, it was very apparent that the goal was achieved. Our students presented themselves in a positive manner and asked very thought provoking and difficult questions. Hopefully, we will be able to host similar events with our lawmakers in the future." - Superintendent Rob Ramey

"Our goal in education is to make informed active citizens. This forum gave our school community a good look in to how our current legislators think and deal with issues in Indiana. I hope this will encourage our students to be informed participants in our democracy." - Mr. Dale

"The Safety Forum was an excellent opportunity for the Radio/TV class to broadcast a show within a real-world scenario. The class works every day to produce a LIVE newscast, but nothing compares to being part of an event that means so much to the community." - Mr. Foxworthy

"I really enjoyed how we were able to talk to them about something so serious. It was really an amazing experience to see other peoples' views on what they wanted to address concerning the matter. I enjoyed being able to speak about something that really interests me.

Something else I would like to see happen is not only to invite them back every year so students from upcoming grades get a chance, but to have students be able to be included into the school board meetings and sit and ask questions.

I think we should have different topics to address each year. It was such a great experience for everyone and the Radio & TV Class did an amazing job on broadcasting it, as well as Mr.Dale." - Jett McClaskey

"It was such a cool experience to talk to officials who actually can make a difference, it was also relieving to talk to people who were on the same page as I was." - Dalton Davis

Day on the Farm

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Each year, WeBo students get to participate in Day on the Farm to help teach younger students about all the aspects that go into running a farm.

"Day on the Farm is an excellent learning experience, not only for the visitors from other schools, but for our students as well since they have to learn how to communicate their knowledge of livestock, food production, and other Ag related topics in a way that makes it exciting and appropriate for preschool and kindergarten students. This event gives our students a chance to educate children and change the misconceptions plaguing the Ag industry in today's society." - Mrs. Nicodemus

"Day on the Farm is a great experience for young children and for our students! My classes help the children make a connection of where their food comes from and how it is processed. Our students always have a great time working with the younger kids and helping them learn about farms." - Mrs. Lerch

"Day on the Farm is truly one of the best activities that we host as a chapter, as not only is it a collaboration between two sectors of our school, but participants get to share their knowledge and passions for agriculture with those that may not know as much about the agricultural community. It is rewarding to get to see all the kid's faces light up as they learn and experience what a day on the farm is like." - Laura Graddy

"We have Day on the Farm to help teach kids about how agriculture impacts their everyday life. One of the biggest parts is a petting zoo with cattle, a goat, pigs, a llama, rabbits, ducks, chickens, turkeys and lambs which the children could play with and learn about. Both parents and students had fun and learn a lot." - Ellie Garst

WeBo Art Gallery

Counselor's Corner

School Counseling Block Career Activities

Students and staff enjoyed our 4th quarter counseling block held in April. Junior High students continued working on their Indiana Career Explorer activities and completed a survey to provide us feedback and input on our programs. Seniors learned about understanding their legal rights as adults. Our 9th-11th grade students heard from various career speakers. Following the speakers, our junior and senior classes attended a career networking fair with over 40 area businesses and professionals in attendance. It was a great day for all our students to explore future opportunities.

AP Testing

AP Testing is just around the corner. Students who have taken an AP class this year will be testing May 7-17. Please be sure your student is well-rested and on time to school on his/her exam day.

Awards Night

We look forward to recognizing the accomplishments of our senior class at our annual Awards Night on Wednesday, May 9 beginning at 7:00pm. Students who will be receiving an award will be notified during school the week of April 30. We are so grateful to have the support of so many individuals and businesses in our community to provide scholarships and awards to our students.

21st Century Scholars Program

Students who are enrolled in the 21st Century Scholars Program are reminded to continue working on their Scholar Success Program requirements. See Mr. Pelley if you need assistance.

Parents of 7th and 8th grade students are reminded to enroll your student in the 21st Century Scholars Program if you meet income requirements. Enroll your child online at or contact Mr. Pelley.

LOL of the Month

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Thor vs. Zeus in Mr. Gray's class.