By Monique Cotroneo

Always #LikeAGirl

What does #LikeAGirl mean?

  • When running, throwing, shooting, spinning, riding, vaulting, climbing and fighting like a girl. It puts young women down.

  • Like a girl may be taken in 2 ways.

  • Negative

  • As an insult saying that girls can't throw as good at boys and can't do anything.

  • In this video a few women are asked to run like a girl, one woman squeals and frets about her hair and another woman giggles and waves her arms.

  • The young boy and man in this video don't realise how much they hurt young girls and women's confidence.

  • That this is how people raise their sons to believe that just because they are girls they can't do anything as good as them.

  • Positive

  • It can also be taken as a complement "Yes I run, throw, shoot, spin, ride, vault, climb and fight like a girl". But saying so what I am a girl and I am proud to be.

  • The younger girls in this video are the ones who show confidence and that older girls and women need to have more confidence in themselves

The Potential Consequences

  • Depression

  • - is an emotional disorder

  • - having intense feeling of hopelessness

  • Anxiety/ Panic Attacks

  • - fear of being rejected

  • - looking silly

  • - fear of being hurt whether physical or emotional

  • Stress

  • - high things demanded of them which they simply cannot react

  • Eating Disorders

  • - anorexia

  • - bulimia

  • - binge eating

  • - weight control reflected how unhappy

  • - girls are unhappy with their bodies

  • What I Recommend

    - To maintain a good physical health through diet exercise and sleep

    - Social media can benefit users with online forums and connects people with shared interests to seek advice or get support from others

    - Learn about advertising in the media

    - Understand you are much more than how you look

    - Appreciate qualities

    - Inform yourself about health nutrition and lifestyle

    - Spend time with others who help you feel good

    - Learn to appreciate and respect your body

    - Practise positive self praise