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Summer 2020



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Dear Parents and Guardians

Thank you so much for you patience and flexibilty during this school year, especially this fourth quarter. As teachers and staff were working to put together meaningful learning lessons and activities, we know the parents and other support people at home, made sure it all was completed. We so much appreciate all you have done to help your child navigate eLearning. We know that without your support and guidance this new format for learning would have been impossible. Enjoy your summer! You deserve rest and relaxation!

With Great Appreciation,

The Memorial Staff

Some Important Dates

June 11 - School Office Closes for the Summer

July 20 - School Office Opens

July 20 - 24 - Online Registration for returning students

July 21 & 23 - Kindergarten & New Students

August 12 - First Day of School

Updated School Calendars

Last Day of School is May 22/ Report Cards Available on May 28


We are so excited to announce the new PTO Executive Board for the 2020-2021 school year and greatly appreciate their willingness to work in these valued positions.

President - Kristen Elinkowski

Vice President - Rose Gutshall

Treasurer - Sara Welsh

Secretary - Rae Smedley

There are many committees still in need of a chairperson. These include: the Birthday Board, Family Dinner Nights, Fifth Grade Celebration, Junior Achievement, Parent's Night Out/Silent Auction, Saturday Night Live, Staff Monthly Treats, & Yearbook

Please enjoy these Indiana Famous Hoosier Projects from Fourth Grade

Cybersafety for Children at Common Sense Media

Cybersafety and media security for children has never been more important. Please check out the Common Sense Media website for up to date resources and ideas to help keep your child safe.

Frequently Asked Questions by Memorial Parents

When will yearbooks be available?
  • Yearbooks will be handed out when we are able to have students in the building to collect all materials.

When will Kindergarten Registration take place?

  • If you have missed the Pre-registration online, please contact Memorial's Secretary, Mrs. Remijan through email. She will send the necessary documents to you. Registration will be finalized during Registration at Memorial during the week of July 20. Updated information may be found on the VCS Website.

When may I pick up my child's personal belongings left at school?

  • We are unable to return to the building at this time. However, when able, we will set up a day/time for students to retrieve their personal belongings and return library books and other school materials. As soon as that day/time is set, we will let you know.

When may I return libary books, Chromebooks and other school materials?

  • Please put any school library books, teacher's books and Chromebooks in a safe place. We will collect these at a time it is safe to return to school, most likely not until the end of July.

Will there be summer school this year?

  • Unfortunately, VCS will not be holding summer school for elementary aged students this year. The indiana Department of Education has stated that we may not use our buildings for summer classes.

How can I find out about the Free Meals for VCS students?

What can I do if my child's school Chromebook needs repairs?

The office is closed, who can I call for help?

  • You may still call the school office, at 531-3090, and calls will be forwarded to Mrs. Remijan or Mrs. Misecko. You may also email Mrs. Misecko or Mrs. Remijan.

We are moving, how do I withdraw my child from school?

  • Please contact Mrs. Misecko at the above contact link or phone number.

Support from Mrs. Seip

Mrs. Seip is available for your support and has created videos for you to watch. They are on the whole school Canvas Course titled Memorial Elementary 19-20. Please check out her link on the homepage. She is here to help students and parents. You may reach out to Mrs. Seip through her email or leave a message on the school phone, 531-3090.

Support by Mrs. Peart

Mrs. Laura Peart is a Behavior Specialist at the Valparaiso Community Schools. She is a great resource for us at school and has published some helpful resources for eLearning. Please see some of her resources below. She has made many different Mindfulness videos during this eLeanring time. You can find them on Mrs. Seip's Canvas page in the Memorial Canvas Course and you may also find them on YouTube. The activities in these videos would be helpful to do as brain breaks while working on school work.
Breathe like a Bear (Intro to Parents on Mindfulness Activities)