2015 In Review

Jackson MacInnis

Top 3 Companies of 2015

1. Apple - Hitting $700 billion in the market value makes Apple come in at number one, including the many innovative products they created in 2015.

2. Google - Google's success in 2015 making $66 billion dollars comes from their advertising.

3. Amazon - With a total of $88.8 billion dollars, delivering anything you can think of around the world.

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Top 2 Products of 2015 and Worst

Best Products

1. LG's Glass OLED 4k TV - Introduced at CES in 2015 LG's innovative Glass TV is completely transparent making it come in at number one.

2. GoPro Hero 4 - GoPro has always been known for their great small action cameras. Their new Hero 4 takes them to the next level, allowing people to be able to use 4k video capture.

Worst Products

1. Hoverboards/Swegway - These things had quite a bit of publicity however a couple months ago a few of them started blowing up, making them a terrible product that was flawed from the start.

2. Chicken Leash - All that needs to be said is who keeps their on a leash.

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Top 2 Movies of 2015

1. STAR WARS the Force Awakens - After 32 years of waiting, Episode VII was finally released, grossing over $800 million in the U.S Alone, and $1.7 billion across the world.

2. Jurassic World - Making $650 million Jurassic World comes in at number two for the top movies of 2015.

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Top Music Artists of 2015

1. Justin Bieber

2. Fetty Wap

3. The Weeknd

4. Drake

5. Taylor Swift

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Top 5 Athlets of 2015

1. Ronda Rousey

2. Stephen Currey - Basketball Player

3. Serena Williams - Tennis Player

4. Christiano Ronaldo - Soccer Player

5. Usain Bolt - Sprinter

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New Years Resolution

My resolution for this year is to have a positive outlook on everything instead of looking on the bad side