Connected Learning

Combining the physical and digital world with Osmo

What in the world is 'connected learning'?

Connected learning is a broad term for education in today’s digital age reflecting advanced and connected technologies that enable learners to digest knowledge and skills more effectively, efficiently and conveniently and actively participate in their own learning.

Osmo's full lineup of connected learning tools does just that - connects the physical and digital world with tangible pieces and fully engaging, educational apps. Learners get immediate feedback allowing them to learn on their own timeline and terms.

Explore topics such as building words, multiplication, counting and addition, basics of coding, creating music, drawing and shapes, entrepreneurship, creative problem solving and even social emotional skills.

Big picture

Osmo Line Up

With over nine educational apps, Osmo is a great tool to use alone or with pairs of learners ages 5-13. This week we're highlighting four of our favorite products: Osmo Genius Kit, Osmo Coding Jam, Osmo Coding Awbie, and and Osmo Pizza Co.

The Genius Starter Kit is the base kit and includes the Osmo ipad base, reflector, and tools for Words, Numbers, and Tangram - as well as access to the Newton and Masterpiece apps.

Meet Osmo Genius Kit

Osmo Projector

Share your desk over remote video using the new Osmo Projector app! This new app allows you to broadcast your physical note taking live and share with anyone via Apple AirPlay, Zoom, Skype and other conferencing apps. All you need is the Osmo base and a connected device, and you can easily share your handwritten notes with your classroom or conference call.

Join the Hop into Coding Challenge with Osmo!

Over the next couple of weeks, Osmo is hosting a "Hop into Coding Challenge" and we encourage you to join in! To get started, print out and fold your own Coding Awbie game with these fun printables! Make sure to share photos with us by tagging us on social media.
Just for our readers, we're offering 20% off our Osmo products. We're offering fast, next-day shipping for our in-stock products including: Genius Starter Kit, Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Pizza Co., Detective Agency, and Monster (Creative Kit).

Just enter the code 'SpringIntoSTEM' at checkout!

Still looking for more?

Be on the lookout for more STEM activities and resources next week.

In the meantime, check out our Online STEM Academy. We offer live online classes each week with real educators, teaching lessons in coding, digital storytelling, 3D engineering & design, and augmented reality exploration. Our 12 week program is grade specific (ranging from Pre-K all the way to eighth grade) and includes extra, self-paced activities and worksheets for your students to complete. No extra tools needed, just your student and a computer or tablet!

Don't worry if you get stuck, we're here to help. Email us and we'll be back in touch right away to answer your questions and offer assistance.