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Interactive Mobile Advertising

PPC advertisements these days have become so interruptive. Nobody likes disturbing promotions on their favorite apps. Unless we feel a connection with the advertisement, we find it boring and although we don’t like watching it, we have to. How would it be if the one who watches your website or mobile advertisement gets paid for it? Isn’t it a great way to reach people, make them know about your brand and build a connection with them? Ok so let’s take it like this:

1. You have this brand of yours which you want to promote, instead of giving out PPC campaign; you develop an interactive app where your product benefits are explained to the player. And at the end he gets coupons or vouchers on the basis of his/her interaction. You get customer acquisition and the user gets free stuff. Everyone is happy!

2. Reaching your target audience is what is important and what matters, so Adyep provides you a platform through which you can reach your desired audience be it on mobile or on app. You have a fabulous product, you market it furiously, but between the wrong audience, which won’t be beneficial of course therefore Adyep gives you a user base through which you can reach people who require the product you market.

3. Thirdly, you are a new artist but people don’t know about you yet, you get to post your audio on a website and people get paid for listening to your song. They will listen now. Won’t they? Now if you are actually a good singer, it won’t even take you many days to become famous all over the world.

I can just go on and on, what I mean to say is, what if people are paid to do anything and everything through us. AdYep is an advertising agency which is making it possible. Post anything and everything on through AdYep and reach your target audience, get business, become famous, earn your money back and fulfill all your requirements.