January 2016!

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Every January for over a decade now, I have made a resolution of sorts. Last year I made two "resolutions." One was to step outside my comfort zone and use that "discomfort" as a way to grow personally and professionally. I also made the commitment to clean up my act - literally. I vowed to remove toxic chemicals from my home. I had been conscious of the foods going into my body but hadn't been paying attention to what I was putting ON my body. I used up everything I had (throwing away some really bad stuff) and slowly have replaced every personal care product and household product with something non-toxic and beautiful.

A girlfriend had introduced me to Beautycounter and I had fallen in love with the products. Although, I had been approached about joining her team on several occasions, I told Ayesha I wasn't interested. "Selling" things wasn't something that interested me.

After thinking about my commitment to step outside my comfort zone and clean up my act, I realized that Beautycounter was the perfect fit for me to achieve both of my goals for the year. I joined Beautycounter as a consultant on January 20, 2015.

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It's been an amazing year. Not only have a made my home a safer place, free from toxins, but I've met amazing, inspiring women, I've helped educate others and set them on a path of clean, healthy beauty and I've made a little extra cash along the way.

I'm grateful for each and everyone of you! You've all been part of this process and I'm looking forward to building the brand and each of our Beautycounter businesses in 2016.

Let's all start 2016 off with a BANG! I hope you've all had a chance to look over Ayesha's emails. She is an amazing leader with big goals and a busy schedule. I absolutely adore her and find talking with her to be so motiving. If she hasn't already, she will be reaching out to each of you to set up a time to talk. PLEASE take advantage of this opportunity. I promise, you will be inspired when you hang up!

Ayesha has some awesome incentives for the month of January and tips at how to achieve the goals. (PLEASE read her emails and if she's asking for a response, give her one!) I think each and every one of us can earn some new Hunter boots. (We are just starting El Nino on the west coast. I want dry feet!).

As a way to celebrate my anniversay and say "thank you" for your work and trusting me, I'm going to sweeten the incentive pot!