The Warrior Weekly

Summer Update-July

Supply Lists. Wow!

As crazy as it sounds the 2016-17 school year is just around the corner. If you've been in any stores lately I'm sure you have noticed that school supplies have started to show up on the shelves. We've had a few local stores call and ask for our updated supply lists so I thought I would take a moment and share the Intermediate lists with all of you.

Please know that we do have extra supplies in the building and if you and your family are in need of any assistance as the school year approaches please feel free to contact myself or our counselor Mrs. Baker and we will do whatever we can to assist.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer and I can not wait to see all of you in August.

As always please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for our upcoming school year!

Proud to Be a Warrior!!

Jeff Schultz

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Counselor's Corner

This was the message sent by Mrs. Baker-Intermediate Counselor- to all of our families at the end of the school year. Making sure that students and families stay in contact with resources throughout the summer is a priority.

We know that many times school is one of the first places our families turn to when they are in need of resources or assistance both at school or in the home. This can make finding those resources more difficult during the summer months. Please know that you can always email Mr. Schultz directly at He will be in the office for most of June and although not in the office on a regular basis during July we will both still be available if assistance is needed. Below is a list of other resources as well as their numbers if you are in need at any point.

Have a great summer!

Bridget Baker

Intermediate Counselor

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Upcoming events!

June 13th-15th- I have been given the opportunity to attend the Principal's Leadership Academy and the year long professional development program will have the first meetings in Columbia on these days.

June 28th-30th- Advanced Singapore Math training for teachers. A large number of our staff have committed to attending this training during the summer.

August 1st and 2nd- New teacher MRI training with Erin Baker

August 4th and 5th- New teacher orientation and mentor meetings along with Singapore training providing by in District trainers

August 8th- All staff back to school PD days!!!!

August 9th- Back to School Night 5:30-7:00!!!

August 11th- Students are back!!!