Improving Education

Testing tells student if they should be at a high/low level

Obama : Candidate one

Point of view:

"We have piled on a lot of standardized tests on our kids. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a standardized test being given occasionally just to give a baseline of where kids are at…"

Obama is argeeing that standardized testing should be the one telling the schools and teachers where the students belong at.

Romney - Candidate two

Point view:

“We looked at what drives good education in our state, what we found is the best thing for education is great teachers, hire the very best and brightest to be teachers, pay them properly, make sure that you have school choice, test your kids to see if they are meeting the standards that need to be met, and make sure that you put the parents in charge.”
Romney is also argeeing that standardized testing should determine if a student should be in a high or low level because if one has failed,that student will be put where they are or if a student has passed,they'll might remain where they are or might be in a a higher level.

Candidate three: Jill Stein

Point view:

"Standardized tests do not measure some of the most important goals of an educational system. And careful studies have shown that passing standardized tests does not translate into later academic success, much less success in life..."

Stein is claiming that standardized testing shouldn't tell you if a child is doing well.since a student might fail but that student was doing excellent before taking the test they took. Even if they pass or fail,they standardized test shouldn't be the one telling you that the student doesn't or does know everything.Basically what Jill is saying is that standardize testing shouldn't be the one telling the teachers,parents,or schools that their child has pass/fail because sooner the student might forget or they might remember things that they learn and be more succesful.