Kyle R. Wilson Elementary

September 2017

Principal's Message

Parents/Guardians thank you so much for a wonderful and smooth opening. We are so excited to have your children with us at KWES this school year We have a ton of exciting events going on this year and we hope you will be a part of them.

Thanks to our wonderful PTO for a great Back to School Week for our teachers and staff!

Just a few helpful reminders to make this year great:

  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher first
  • It’s important to be a part of the school, please support PTO and other school-wide events.
  • Volunteering is always needed, please just drop by
  • You are welcome here. If you would like to eat with your child, please feel free to come by any day of the week and bring ID.
  • Trust, we want your child to be safe and successful, let’s build a relationship of trust to make that happen. Again, if you have any concerns please contact us
  • Remember, if your child tells you something call the teacher to find out what the facts are, don’t jump to conclusions too fast

It takes all of us to ensure that students are HEROES at Kyle R. Wilson, so please keep communication lines open.

Parents please follow the guidelines below to make it safe for everyone. Remember we do not use the church parking lot for any reason.


Please do not walk through the side grassy area to get to the Liberty Manor subdivision. The property you are going through is private property. NO cars, or parents or siblings should be meeting you there. You must walk to the entrance of Liberty Manor using the sidewalk. Cars that are parking on the street and walking their students to the school are putting their cars in harms way. WE will pull all buses through the line and we will not be responsible for any damage to your vehicle. I strongly encourage you to park your car in the lot or in the neighborhood legally and then walk them. If you park there it is at your own risk.

Car Riders

We have a tremendous amount of car riders this year. Please make sure that you are parked on the right so that buses can get through on the left. Cones will be strategically placed to help with this matter. Please be patient, students are still having trouble knowing their numbers when they are called. Please practice your number with your child.

Bus Riders

Parents our school hours are 9:00-3:40. We begin to call car riders, daycare and Alphabest at 3:40. Walkers at 3:45 and buses at 3:50 if buses have arrived. If they are late at the middle school level, they will be late coming to us. It takes 10-15 minutes to get all students on the bus as we call them by grade level. Please be patient as teachers take each child to the bus. This is for the safety of the students. Buses typically leave our school between 4:00-4:10 depending if they are on time. The school is not responsible for late buses. However, please contact transportation with your concerns at 571-402-3912.

Upcoming Events for September:

September 4th – LABOR DAY NO SCHOOL

September 15th – PTO Bingo Night

September 19th- PTO Meeting at 6:00pm, Fall Book Fair

September 25th- Back to School Night Grades K-2 6:30-8:00

September 26th- Back to School Night Grades 3-5 6:30-8:00

October 4th- Walk to School Day

Additional information will be coming home in regards to the events listed above.

Cafeteria News

Please make sure that your child has enough funds on their lunch accounts for lunch each week. Remember you have to complete a new lunch application each year. They are located online at or you can get one from the office. You can send in a payment with your child in a sealed envelope that is sent directly to the lunchroom each day or pay online at Please review the new regulation Payment for Charged Food Purchases regulation 460-1, in regards to school lunches on the PWCS website or by scanning the QR code below.

More information on lunch menus and payment options can be found at

Code of Behavior

Please review the Code of Behavior with your child each year so that they know behavior expectations. The county provides only a few hard copies to each school, so please download yours from the county webpage at or scan the QR below.

Lastly, so many exciting things are happening each day at Kyle Wilson Elementary. Teachers are frequently posting all the activities, projects, STEAM lessons, and the events going on in and around our school. Please check out our Twitter feed on our website ( or go on Twitter and find us @kylerwilsones #WilsonSeaLions for all the great things happening!

We are looking for highly motivated long term teacher assistants for Kdg, 4th and 5th grade. If interested please let Ms. Norwood know via email

Happy 2017-2018!

Felicia Norwood

Proud Principal

Kyle R. Wilson Elementary School

Courageous, Dedicated and Strong