Artificial Intelligence

Alexandria ross


Want a new friend?

Are you tired of always being alone? Being sad? or maybe just wanted a friend to charish all your secrets with. Well this Teddy will do everything you want it to do. He'll respond with his own opinions and is never a doubt in mind. he's an amazing invention for mankind.

Where to get it?

You must go to the A.I.O near you. You must Have a brain source with its own memory card. If it was once with another owner it will not adapt to you, you must burn it. You must imprint on the bear. Therefore he will be forever yours!



Will he ever break? No he cannot break. no matter what. Can he eat? No, please do not feed him or give him any type of drink or you will crash the hard drive and his system will be temporarorly down.


Saturday, June 8th, 5pm

Downtown Hookem

We are having a event where the public can enter A.O.I and look the Artificial Intellengence, if your thinking to buy a Bear. Enter the back of the building.


Paradise is specially made.

Learn More About Him At The A.O.I event.