Shadow and Bone Book Report

By: Punn Havananda

The Darkling

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The Darkling Vacation?

The Darkling is the main antagonist in the Grisha series. He is an evil guy, pretending to be a nice guy. His real name is never revealed in the first book, as this is a book series. The Darkling first appears as a mysterious, shady kind of guy; not talking much, traveling a lot. However the Darkling commands lots of respect and fear. But after he discovers the Sun Summoner (Alina) he lighten's up (literally). In all honesty, this guy would not take a vacation. He would be far too busy dealing with "other" matters. If he did, I can only imagine where he might go. Across the True Sea, touring the world via ship; and then planning how to take them all over. However he has lived 190 years, so I guess he deserves a break.

But even so he would definitely bring his super elite Oprichnik bodyguards. Because he is probably one of the most important people in all of Ravaka (the country in which the story occurs), many people around the world would love to kill him. Not much is known about the Oprichnik, except that they are the high elite of the First Army. They command fear in the population, and receive the utmost respect among the soldiers of the First Army.

Without a doubt, I know that he would also bring Alina Starkov (the main character). She is the mythical Sun Summoner and many would love to try and kill her. In fact there has already been an attempt on her life! Also, the Darkling never takes any chances (he doesn't want to lose his greatest weapon). She is very important to his ensured domination of the world using the Shadow Fold also called the Unsea. She was a cartographer in the First Army, unnoticed since birth, until the day she saw her friend die, and her best friend dying while crossing the Shadow Fold. There she discovered her powers for the first time.

He might, just might bring Genya, one of Alina's best friends in order to keep Alina busy while he plans the end of the world. Genya helps the Darkling with his evil things because he is the one who gave her most everything. Without the Darkling she would be just another Grisha. However, later in the story it is revealed that she is the one who poisoned the king, which helped the Darkling take control of Ravaka. So, she technically would be considered evil as well, but to the Darkling, Genya is just anther pawn in this grand game of chess. Luckily in the second book, she actually turns out to care for Alina, and allows her to escape from the Darkling at her expense.

This is (in my opinion) the majority of people that the Darkling would bring anywhere, not just on a vacation.


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Alina Starkov

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