Going once, Going twice, SOLD!

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the trade of humans for sex slaves, prositutes, forced labor or the removal of organs and tissues. The most common forms of human trafficking is, sex slaves and forced labor. There are organizations that try to stop human trafficking and there are many pictures of human trafficking. The Polaris Project is one of the organizations that try to fight human trafficking. Their plan is to make human trafficking better known around the world and to get more people to know about human trafficking and try to get more people to try and stop it. They encourage and connect to many trafficking hotlines around the world. Human trafficking includes small children through adults. The most common age group in human trafficking is ages 14-25. Human Trafficking isn't just about being sold for sex slaves and things of that sort but sometimes people are forced to work on plantations with little to no pay at all. Human Trafficking can bring someone thousands of dollars a year or more. There are places for the young people that escape to go, the places are like houses and it protects them for their "owners".



Movies on Human Trafficking

Taken Movie

The movie Taken is about human trafficking. The movie shows that something bad like human trafficking can happen at any time or any place. The two young girls go to Paris, when they land in Paris a young guy is watching them and goes up and talks to them and goes with them to Amanda's cousin's place. There the young guy says theres a party tonight and invites the girls, the girls have no idea what is about to happen. THe guy calls his boss and tells him about the girls. Then he returns to the airport to do this all over again. A little while later strange guy break into the apartment and take the girls one by one. The girls are then taken to be sold as sexslaves. The father of one of the girls is an old agent for the US government and he tells the man that has his daughter and her friend that he will find him and he will kill him. A friend of the father does some research and things and tells the father that he about 96 hours to find his daughter before he never sees her again. The father goes looking and goes into a house looking for his daughter and he comes across her friend, Amanda, and Amanda is dead because they tortured her, gave her drugs and did horrible things to her. The father ends up finding his daughter and taking her safely home after killing many of the guys.